Srinivas Venkattaramanujam

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Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Automatic Speech Recognition, Backend development (Java/Servlet/JSP), Android

Languages & Frameworks

PyTorch, Kaldi, Java, Python, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Android, Git

I completed my MSc in 2020. Before that, I worked on Automatic Speech Recognition with Prof. S. Umesh at IIT Madras and as a software engineer at PickYourTrail and Verizon.

I'm interested in Reinforcement Learning and sequence prediction. Much of my recent work has been on devising algorithms for eliminating the need for domain knowledge for training RL agents.


Automatic Goal-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning using Learned Distances and Automatic Curriculum Generation
Srinivas Venkattaramanujam
MSc Thesis, 2020

Self-supervised Learning of Distance Functions for Goal-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning
Srinivas Venkattaramanujam , Eric Crawford, Thang Doan, Doina Precup
Preprint, 2020

ML Projects

A Guided Tour of Metrics for MDPs with Infinite State Spaces
Srinivas Venkattaramanujam
Final Project - Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning

Implementation of TreeQN
Srinivas Venkattaramanujam
Final Project - Reinforcement Learning

Implementation of Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Srinivas Venkattaramanujam , Orlando, Xiao
Final Project - Probabilistic Graphical Models

Automatic alignment of audio and transcription using Automatic Speech Recognition
Srinivas Venkattaramanujam
Speed up acoustic model training @ Speech Lab, IIT Madras

Software Engineering Projects

PickYourTrail Travel Genie Android app
Srinivas Venkattaramanujam , Ajit Kumar, Hari Ganapathy
Display personalized itinerary @

Srinivas Venkattaramanujam
Find products in neighbourhood stores. Realtime product information from the stores are obtained by providing free inventory management and billing apps.